Scuba Diving, Cape Town

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Cape Town and its surroundings offer you experiences that will last a lifetime! Take a look at the categories below to find out what you should be doing!

Scuba Diving, Cape Town

Unbelievable scuba diving

Cape Town has some unbelievable scuba diving activities and sites for all diving preferences and qualifications.

Dive sites include: many reef and wreck dives to diving with playful seals in their natural surrounds or alongside Ragged Tooth Sharks in the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Some Dive Sites

  • On the Atlantic Ocean side - Justin's Caves, The Antipolis Wreck, The Maori, Clifton Rocks, Coral Gardens and many others.
  • On the False Bay side - Partridge Point, Castle Rock, The Clan Stuart Wreck, Pyramid Rock, Whittle Rock and many others.
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