Fork Restaurant, Restaurant Cape Town

Fork Restaurant, Restaurant Cape Town

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TAPAS the concept has varied origins and interpretations in the modern world of culinary diversity.

There is the story of the wise Spanish king Alfonso the 10th. During an illness he was advised to take small amounts of food with a glass of wine in between meals to sustain his strength during the day. On recovery the wise king apparently decreed that no wine was to be served in the inns of Castile without the accompaniment of something small to eat, thus protecting the poverty-stricken inhabitants of taking alcohol without a lining for the stomach.

The most widely accepted theory of Tapas, and the origin of the word “Tapa” which literally means “cover”, comes from the time that “tabernas” (taverns) started spreading throughout the southern province of Andalusia. The owners of these wine bars would cover the patron’s glass of wine with a saucer containing a small titbit of food, so keeping the small fruit flies away from the wine in the glass. These snacks on the saucer soon became the attraction to visit one wine bar above another, and soon various wine bars became well known for their own speciality Tapas.

Here at FORK we serve contemporary Tapas, an evolution of the old and still existing Spanish ways, a spirit of sharing smaller plates of food, and a culinary sensation of experiencing different tastes all in the same meal. It is about having fun, experimenting, sharing, eating your fill and enjoying some good wine with friends, acquaintances and business colleagues without the drear and formality of one large plate of food.

We have taken the Spanish idea, combined it with all the different flavours and techniques of Europe and infused true South African ingredients and tastes. So whether you fancy trying a RACLETTE FONDUE WITH CROSTINI AND CHORIZO, ROAST BUTTERNUT WITH HUMMUS AND PINENUTS, ASIAN SALMON, TIGER PRAWNS WRAPPED IN PANCETTA or MINI KUDU WITH ORANGE POTATO PUREE AND CITRUS DRESSING, come on in because there are many more small plates of spectacular food to choose from.
We serve all day from 12 NOON – 11PM. Whether it’s a glass of wine and a small plate you’re after or a large selection to constitute a meal, join us at FORK.

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Fork Restaurant

84 Long Street
City Centre
Cape Town

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tel: +27(0)21 424 6334