Tiger Tiger, Club Cape Town

Tiger Tiger, Club Cape Town

Welcome to Tiger Tiger, Cape Towns Premiere Nightime Experience. Comprised of 6 luxurious bars and one spacious dance floor, the sound waves will keep your pulse moving. Cape Town's hip nightlife ascends to a new level with the opening of Claremont's first upmarket nightclub.

Music generated by a world class, state of the art sound system will send waves of heart throbbing pulsating beats, bass and rhythms through your soul. Let the vibrations move through your body as they wash over the throng. Candle lights on the walls and a twisted arrangement of intimate seating areas allows you to relax in comfort and style.

Tiger Tiger has become Cape Town's favourite gathering spot for all party enthusiasts and has also become well known outside the city as the place to go on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It has quickly became a destination hot-spot for beautiful people and notables of film, TV, and sports; with the likes of Greame Smith, Jacque Kallis, Michael Classens, Prince Harry, and up and coming young Hollywood stars. As well as the old stalwarts of Bob Skinstad and Robbie Fleck.

Tiger Tiger is a place where you can strut your stuff on the dance floor, and sip on an Amstel, or Spin for the ladies.


Tiger Tiger

Cape Town

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